What is the best massager to buy ?

Almost anyone can benefit from a massage. Not everyone, however, has the time or wherewithal to make regular trips to a professional massage therapist.

Fortunately there are a variety of massaging devices made for home use. These range from inexpensive, manually operated tools to electrically powered devices costing thousands of dollars.Each has a different purpose so it helps to know what you want to get out of your home massage before you pick one.
It can help to know a little bit about the different types of massage



There are different types of massage and massaging devices are usually made for a specific type. of massage. Let’s take a quick look at different types of massage.

1) Deep tissue massages. The idea is to affect the muscle and tissue
below the surface level of the skin
2) Energy flow massages. These are based on theories of paths for energy
running throughout the body. Shiatsu massage is one type that
seeks to make sure that energy runs freely.
3) Percussion Massage. When movie masseurs lightly hand chop
someone on the back they are doing percussion massage.
4) Vibration massage. This massage is accomplished by shaking, quite vigorously
too, the whole body or individual parts.


     Picking your home massage equipment

So now you are ready to pick your equipment. The types of equipment we discuss below will give you an idea of what is available.

        Shiatsu Chairs and Pillows. A Shiatsu chair looks like a recliner. There are points in the chairwhich apply some combination of heat, vibration or kneading to specific parts of the body. A Shiatsu pillow is similar, but of course can only be applied to part of the body, like back or shoulders. Shiatsu chairs are worth considering if you want your massage to be a time of relaxation, not another workout itself.

  Percussion Massage Equipment  These are often handheld electrically powered devices with little hammering parts to work on any part of the body in need of relaxation. This is a good choice if you have specific areas, like spots in your shoulder or back, or in your calves, you want to massage.

Vibration Massage Platforms  A vibration platform is very simply a device you stand on which shakes you vigorously. Some types have railings which you can hold onto, but there are also many that you just stand on free hand. The theory behind vibration platforms is the muscles react to the shaking. Selection of this type of machine would be more a matter of an individual finding it beneficial or not than one of addressing a specific massage need.

Manually Operated Equipment.

In addition to electrically powered home massage equipment there are numerous hand operated devices available. Many of these have earned reputations for being very effective tools to help you relax and loosen up. Let’s look at a few of these.

–Foam Roller. This is just a cylindrical piece of foam which you lay your legs
on and roll up and down. Your weight combines with the
device to get the desired effect.
–Theracane. This is a cane shaped device with massage knobs on the two
scythe like handles, on either end and on the inside of the
straight part. (Six total) It is designed to allow you to reach
any tense area of your body and apply beneficial pressure.
–Bongers. These manual percussion massage devices are simply a pair
of softball sized spheres attached to flexible handles with which
a tense and sore person can be drummed. The experience of
having it done to music is allegedly enjoyable.

 There are numerous other devices like:

–the Stick, which works like the foam roller but you have to apply the pressure.
–the Yamuna footwalker, which is simply two little mounds with knobs you stand on to massage the pressure points on your feet
–the Accupressure, a nutcracker looking device with massaging knobs toward the crunching end to work the neck and shoulder muscles.

 Consider your needs and make your choices

The massage equipment you purchase will depend on what you need or want massage for. There is no reason, of course Why you can’t have and benefit from several different ones either.

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